OR Improvement

Healthcare organizations are under increased pressure to improve efficiency and quality while navigating the challenges of new payment models, ACOs and other reform.

EPAC OR Improvement solutions help your OR department succeed in this environment. Our physician-led teams provide the expertise to identify and resolve systemic issues in the OR and develop strategies for sustained improvement.

  • Pre-Admission Testing Department
    • Optimize patients prior to day of surgery and improve the overall quality of care
    • Significantly reduce day of surgery case cancellations
    • Significantly reduce pre-operative testing charges (included in the DRG payment)
    • Increase surgeon, OR Nursing, and patient satisfaction
  • Operating Room Assessment
    • Quality/safety/efficiency evaluations and initiatives
    • Benchmark and Key Performance Indicator data
    • Prioritize OR improvement opportunities
    • Development of detailed process improvement initiatives
  • OR Implementations
    • Implementation of governance committees and leadership structure
    • Knowledge transfer to sustain cultural change in peri-operative services arena
    • Process, cultural and financial improvement in the OR and procedural areas
    • Implementation of process improvement initiatives
  • OR Data Analysis, Validation, and Benchmarking.
    • Benchmark Program
      • Labor
      • Materials
      • Cost
      • Operational performance
  • Customized First- and Second- Line Management Reports
    • OR Performance Dashboard
    • Physician Scorecard
  • Surgery
    • Surgical and Procedural Strategic Plan
    • Safer Surgery Initiatives
      • Implement a “safer surgery” culture
      • WHO safer surgery checklist
      • Value based purchasing outcome improvement
      • Reduction in Surgical Complications
      • Optimizing SCIP measures/scores
    • Operational Efficiency
    • OR Throughput

Anesthesia Improvement

In an era of reimbursement cuts, many healthcare organizations are relying on the OR to help improve their bottom lines. An effective anesthesia department is more important than ever.

EPAC Anesthesia Improvement solutions deliver unbiased evaluations and recommendations to help healthcare organizations optimize efficiency and improve overall perioperative performance. Our teams, led by board-certified anesthesiologists and OR nursing executives, work collaboratively with hospital administration, physicians and nursing leadership to improve communication, surgeon satisfaction and patient through put.

  • Anesthesia Department Assessment
    • Review the current anesthesia model
    • Review current anesthesia contracts and service standards
    • Review anesthesia staffing plan
    • Review anesthesia clinical processes
    • Compare current anesthesia practices to EPAC’s Metrics and Key Performance Indicators
    • Quality/safety/efficiency evaluations and initiatives
  • Service Level Agreement and Anesthesia Contract Negotiations
    • Outline anesthesia service levels
    • Facilitate discussions between the hospital and the anesthesia practice
    • Define level of support/stipend required to fulfill service standards
    • Stipend evaluation and reduction planning
    • Development of contractual performance metrics
  • Medical Director Mentorship
    • Anesthesia Leadership Development Program
    • OR Medical Director Development including performance expectations with quantifiable targets 
  • Billing and Revenue Cycle
    • Review of compliance
    • Review of optimal charge capture
    • Review of coding practices
    • Analysis of Billing Lag Time, A/R Aging, and strategies to increase cash flow and receivables
    • Review financial policies for self pay patients
    • Analysis of payments received compared to current anesthesia contracts
    • Quantification of potential opportunity, if any 
  • Aligning Hospital/Provider Incentives
    • Contractually
    • Process integration
    • quality incentives
    • efficiency incentives 
  • Support of Hospital Employed Anesthesia
  • ACO Readiness

Perioperative Intelligence

Benchmarking data is critical to determining your current level of performance as well as a point of reference for setting improvement goals.

EPAC has collected and analyzed perioperative intelligence and developed a range of indices from which to measure clients’ level of efficiency and costs and other key standards.

  • Anesthesia Subsidy Value Index
  • Anesthesia Supply Cost Index
  • Anesthesia Expense Index
  • OR Utilization or Efficiency Index