Anesthesia Subsidy Analysis and Contract Negotiation

Anesthesia subsidies have been rising exponentially across the United States due to reduced productivity, provider shortages, escalating cost of labor, reimbursement pressure, and the proliferation of anesthetizing locations. To secure stable anesthesia services, hospitals, health systems, and anesthesia groups must work together to support market-based compensation while balancing efficiency, cost, and capacity. EHC has extensive expertise creating optimized anesthesia models, advising on subsidy design, and supporting contract negotiations.

Our Anesthesia Subsidy Analysis and Contract Negotiation Services

  • Analysis of the four anesthesia subsidy drivers
    • Market-based compensation based on local, regional, and national data
    • Anesthetizing locations requested by the hospital
    • Anesthesia group staffing model
    • Anesthesia group billing and contracting performance
  • Development of aligned performance metrics
  • Recommendations for subsidy structure
  • Subject matter expert support for contract negotiations