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Our group used Enhance Healthcare Consulting after our hospital administration delayed negotiations with our “new” hospital contract. Howard was instrumental in presenting data in a meaningful way that the administrators understood. He both educated them and us on the best method to use in these negotiations. In addition, Howard kept us on track and pointed out pitfalls and weaknesses in the contracts. Enhance Healthcare was there every step of the way and has continued to check in with us after we signed our new hospital contract. We really appreciated  Enhance’s expertise and their commitment to helping secure the contract.

Maribel Galiano-Goll, MD
Medical Center Anesthesia

Enhance Healthcare recently supported our Health System in renegotiating a complex five-facility agreement involving two separate anesthesia provider groups.  EHC provided subject matter expertise and analysis which allowed us to maximize anesthesia efficiency and alignment while maintaining flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions.  This was not a surprise. I’ve used EHC multiple times to support anesthesia assessments in my current and previous roles with other large health systems.  I highly recommend EHC to other organizations that require the nuanced expertise needed to maximize anesthesia performance and financial alignment.

M. Trevor Bennett
Associate VP, Acute Care Operations
Swedish Health

I have dealt with many consultants, I have to say that Howard Greenfield, MD who is an anesthesiologist and has practiced in our specialty made a real difference. When we discussed real OR and ASC operational, staffing, and scheduling scenarios with Enhance Healthcare, they really understood what we were speaking about. This was refreshing as some consultants who have not worked within an anesthesia environment don’t really have the depth to fully comprehend the issues and how they impact efficiencies and, thereby cost and profitability for both the hospital and the group. He then determined how to structure our agreement successfully.

Mark Grossman
Seven Hills Anesthesia

The EHC team brought broad healthcare industry knowledge and deep anesthesia practice operations, staffing and contracting expertise, as well as market intel, plus high visibility, credibility, and energy in the negotiation process that were essential for problem-solving, relationship building, and solution development – a terrific value!

Austin Kirkland
United Anesthesia Services

Howard and Keandra’s expertise on a national level was invaluable in achieving a favorable resolution for vested parties. They have an art for identifying solutions in difficult situations. The EHC team was outstanding. They were always available, provided great expertise, and offered pragmatic solutions when negotiations stalled. With their partnership, our group and the health system were able to achieve our objectives.

Jeff Lindsay, MD
Associated Anesthesiologists, Inc. Tulsa

I had the pleasure of working with Enhance Healthcare Consulting to support our renegotiation of anesthesia contracts with two groups covering our five facilities.  The discussions were complex and involved support for multiple surgical specialties.  Our team found the consultants to be knowledgeable and responsive, and they added a great deal of subject matter expertise as we worked through many complex nuances of these agreements.  I would highly recommend the services of EHC to other hospitals and Health Systems in need of anesthesia consulting support

Bahaa Wanly
Legacy Health

Howard and Keandra were professional and great to work with throughout the Anesthesia RFP Process. We found Howard to be very knowledgeable about the various challenges we faced throughout this process and that was quite helpful.

Julie Soekoro
Hamilton Healthcare

Nanci Lombard has been a breath of fresh air and a needed boost to our Perioperative department. Her knowledge, skills, and confidence made her a pleasure to work in collaboration with. I highly recommend Enhance Healthcare Consulting.

Nanci really was a pleasure to work with. She made the implementation plan easy to work with and follow on my own after she left. Her ideas and knowledge were welcomed with open arms, especially after our COVID years. It reinvigorated our department and helped us get back on track and stay there. Thank you!

Nancy Edic, MBA, RN
Director of Peri-Operative Services
Mohawk Valley Health System

Our multi-hospital health system decided to transition from an outside vendor to employment of our anesthesia providers.  We worked with Enhance Healthcare Consulting through the process, from creation of anesthesia staffing and financial models to the development of performance metrics and assistance in choosing a revenue cycle vendor.  We feel that EHC served as an important resource to our team during this transition.  I am pleased to recommend Enhance Healthcare Consulting to hospitals and health systems in need of similar support.

Hospital system in the Northeast
Northeast Hospital System

We engaged Enhance Healthcare Consulting to perform an assessment of anesthesia services at the four hospitals in our system where surgery is performed. Our goals with this engagement were to improve anesthesia services’ alignment with our hospital’s performance and quality goals, improve OR efficiency, reduce expenses, and optimize staffing. In addition to analyzing our performance data and comparing it to their national benchmarks, Enhance consultants spent 3 days on-site learning about our facilities and interviewing anesthesia providers, surgeons, nursing staff, and administration to get a comprehensive view of the service. The comprehensive evaluation report that they delivered provided valuable information to us in terms of staffing, compensation, revenue cycle, and the pros and cons of strategic recommendations.  They were extremely easy to work with and met all of our stated goals for this project.

A four hospital system in the Southeast
Director of Perioperative Business Services
Southeast Hospital System

“Our health system engaged Andrew and Dr. Racanelli to help optimize our overall Radiology service line. Their expertise and insight was evident and they established immediate credibility with the Radiology staff.  Their deep experience in Radiology, combined with their cultural compatibility, allowed us to fast track value added processes that are still in place, and still benefiting our Radiology service line.”


John Manfredo, FACHE
Chief Operations Officer
Norman Regional Health System

Enhance Healthcare Consulting provided a great resource that supplied our group with critical information about predictable staffing models, local market conditions, and realistic compensation in our area.  EHC has their ear to the ground and has an abundance of information about anesthesia groups/hospital contracts in our area.  The information provided by MGMA and others pale in comparison to what EHC can offer.  They were very supportive and readily accessible during our negotiation process.  Information is gold when it comes to hospital negotiations and hiring personnel.  EHC services were well worth it and the costs were a drop in the bucket compared to the financial return on successfully negotiating a new contract.  I recommend Enhance Healthcare Consulting without hesitation.

Tampa, FL

“Enhance Healthcare did a great job to support us in preparing our ultimately successful RFP response! Your experience and guidance kept our team focused. We were complimented numerous times on the professional response, presentation and subsequent Q&A submissions. We would recommend their services to other anesthesia groups who are seeking expert assistance when faced with responding to an RFP.”


Ted Fyock
Executive Director
Piedmont Triad Anesthesia, P.A.

“The Enhance team was instrumental in helping secure our anesthesia group at our hospitals. We went through some group dynamics that eventually led the hospital administrators to issue an RFP and terminate our contract. Howard and his team were very thorough, professional, and spot on with their assessment. I was thoroughly impressed with the team and look forward to their continued presence in managing our ORs.”

S. James, MD
Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists

“St. Joseph Hospital is a community hospital in Maine. For a variety of reasons, we decided to make the transition from an outsourced all physician anesthesia group to an employed anesthesia group that incorporated physicians and CRNAs all under the same umbrella. This was a big, complicated undertaking for us and we would not have been able to make the transition without the help of Enhance Healthcare. They were there with expert advice and support every step of the way from recruitment, staffing models, revenue cycle, policies and procedures, PAT, etc. With their expertise, we now have a vibrant anesthesia group supporting our surgical services.”

William Wood, MD
Chief Medical Officer
St. Joseph Hospital

“Our anesthesia group was informed that our hospital contract would not be renewed and an RFP would be issued. I called Enhance Healthcare Consulting and spoke with Howard Greenfield, MD about our situation.  We decided to hire Enhance Consulting to do an evaluation of our group and advise us how to proceed with the RFP.  Drs. Greenfield and Steifel visited our hospital and interviewed hospital leadership, surgeons, and staff.  They were extremely thorough and did an excellent job advising us what we needed to do to formulate our RFP.  At every step of the process, they were straight forward and honest with us. I would recommend their services without hesitation for any anesthesia group going through this process.  Their experience and knowledge was invaluable.”

President & CEO
New York Anesthesia Practice

I have had the pleasure of working with Enhance Healthcare Consulting over the past year. They are highly professional, well-informed, and masters of their trade. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of practice valuation or anesthesia contract negotiations.

Winter Haven Florida Anesthesia Practice

The team at Enhance Healthcare has helped us through several issues including staffing assessment and expense management as well as a detailed practice analysis and presentation to our hospital. We view Enhance as a strategic partner and would recommend them to other anesthesia groups without hesitation.

Matt Sherrer, MD
Anesthesia Services of Birmingham

“I wanted to thank Enhance Healthcare for helping us put together our submission and presentation. It was clearly the most professional and organized, and placed us above our competition. We really could not have done it without your input and help. | hope that should the opportunity to become involved in another RFP process presents itself, | will have the opportunity to work with Enhance Healthcare again

Andrew Veit, MD
Denver, CO

The team at Enhance Healthcare were instrumental during our negotiations to secure a key hospital contract. Their wealth of knowledge and expertise in subsidies and operations facilitated the creation of a new care team model for our group in response to a hospital’s RFP. Throughout the entire process, the team were fair, honest, dependable, and reliable

Jason Workman, MD
Anesthesia Consultants Inc, Las Vegas

As a new Anesthesia Department Administrator, Enhance Healthcare was vital in helping me get a handle on our revenue cycle. They were extremely thorough and
provided me with useful recommendations that significantly improved our workflow processes and ultimately our cash collections. I would recommend Enhance Healthcare to any anesthesia practice looking to ensure they are maximizing their billing and collections.

Tammy Snyder, MPH
Former Administrator, Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine
Johns Hopkins Medicine

I have used the services of Enhance Healthcare to do anesthesia evaluations in different locations throughout my career. Most recently, I used them to evaluate my anesthesia service providers, draft an RFP, and participate in the interview process. They then began an extensive OR Efficiency Project. Working with them has been a pleasure and the results of their projects have been very positive – both operationally and financially. I recommend them without hesitation.

Kathy Gillette
Former CEO
Bayfront Health

In my capacity as CEO and COO in multiple hospitals, I have worked with all of the Enhance Healthcare principals. They have helped me on Operating Room improvement projects, Anesthesia subsidy evaluation and reduction, and Anesthesia Group restructuring. They understand the operational and financial complexity of surgical service lines and work well with physicians, nursing and administrative staff. I would highly recommend Enhance to help with any Anesthesia and Peri Operative improvement project.

Chris Mowan
Medical City Dallas

We worked with Enhance to update our anesthesia agreement and to establish a new anesthesia governance structure. Having consultants with clinical expertise in anesthesia and business acumen proved invaluable in creating a win-win agreement. They were a pleasure to work with and our Health System was pleased with the results of their work. I am happy to recommend them to other hospitals or health systems seeking outside expertise in anesthesia services.

Joan Simon
Chief Nursing Officer
Kootenai Health

I have worked with Enhance Healthcare to advise my hospital on an anesthesia subsidy negotiation which resulted in an agreement encompassing meaningful anesthesia performance metrics, subsidy savings, and engaged my anesthesia group in a professional, collegial manner. Working with Enhance was a pleasure, they were timely and responsive, and the results of their involvement were quite beneficial. I would be pleased to work with them again if needed and recommend them to others.”

Bob Baxter
Former President and CEO
St. Rita’s Health Partners

Our clients include healthcare systems, hospitals, and anesthesia groups across the United States.