Hospital Employed Anesthesia Support

As financial support for anesthesia practices increases, many facilities are opting to bring their providers into an employment model. Clinical oversight, performance tracking, optimizing staffing models, revenue cycle management, and financial stability are key considerations for those contemplating employment. Enhance Healthcare offers a wealth of strategic and operational resources to support your hospital’s transition to employed anesthesia services. We develop and implement a plan to improve anesthesia performance, reduce costs, and increase alignment with your perioperative objectives in the future.

An Alternating 2 Column Section

Phase 1 : Initial Phase

  • Onsite evaluation of the current anesthesia services
  • Anesthesia staffing model review
  • Financial analysis and pro-forma development
  • Creation of term sheets and anesthesia employment contracts for anesthesiologists and CRNAs
  • Procurement of an experienced Anesthesia Revenue Cycle solution
  • Payer contract strategy development and negotiation
  • Development of anesthesia performance metrics to align anesthesia provider incentives with hospital strategic objectives
  • Review and revision of anesthesia policy and procedures to meet hospital employment criteria
  • Recommendations to support anesthesia recruitment efforts
  • Ongoing onsite and remote support

Phase 2 : Support Phase

  • Ongoing financial oversight of anesthesia billing and collections
  • Mitigation of issues that arise after the transition date
  • Continued support of anesthesia leadership and governance
  • Quality oversight and data tracking
  • Identification of Perioperative Improvement opportunities
  • Support alignment of Anesthesia services with strategic growth initiatives