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Anesthesia Revenue Cycle Management Review Evaluation

In today’s environment of complex reimbursement, occasional revenue cycle assessment and oversight by an outside entity is a good business practice. EHC can provide this function for groups of all sizes. Whether you bill internally or outsource, we will determine if you are adequately billing and collecting for the services you perform.

EHC can compare your “net-net” collection rate to other comparable groups and will review your insurance denials to determine if your billing system is up to date for tracking non-payments and partial payments. Contracted rates will be compared to actual collections to determine billing effectiveness and benchmarked against national norms.

We will assess your billing process (what we call the life of the claim) to determine the level of expertise of collections personnel working accounts. We will also utilize our significant years of experience in billing to assess the management team overseeing your billing operation. Checks and balances during each step of the billing and collection process is reviewed and opportunities for improvement are identified.

Finally, our team will determine if your system is able to generate reports which are providing your group the required information to continuously monitor and track revenue cycle performance. Many reporting parameters may be compared to and benchmarked with other practices of similar size and complexity.

Revenue Cycle Reviews are an important way for Enhance to help prevent you from “leaving money on the table” and represent a key component of your ongoing business performance analysis.