Anesthesia RFP Management

Transitioning to a new hospital-based group has the potential to be a costly and disruptive endeavor. EHC partners with your hospital to manage all aspects of the anesthesia Request for Proposal (RFP) process. From RFP development to finalist presentations, we work collaboratively with your hospital administration, medical staff leadership, and nursing staff to understand your specific issues. Our team ensures that your hospital can navigate the anesthesia RFP process confidentially and cost-effectively, leading to a successful outcome.

RFP Management Program

  • Initial assessment of current OR/NORA anesthesia needs
  • Management of each phase of the anesthesia RFP process
  • Development of an RFP that accurately describes coverage requirements and subspecialty needs
  • Advice on vendor groups to receive RFP
  • Liaison between vendors and hospital leadership
  • Respond to vendor Q&A
  • Creation of operational and financial comparative grid
  • Advise hospital leadership during finalist selection and attend finalist interviews