EHC’s QA Series Question 3

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June 17, 2020

As a result of the elective case moratorium our anesthesia group has indicated they are no longer financially viable, and we are considering employment.  We already employ a number of physicians in other specialties, but what do we need to consider in regards to anesthesiologists?

EHC frequently assists hospitals and anesthesia groups with their transition from an outsourced anesthesia service to an employment model. While some considerations overlap with employment in other specialties, anesthesia groups do have many unique considerations.  These include,  but are certainly not limited to the use of anesthetists, creating anesthesia-specific aligned incentives, financial modeling and ensuring that the revenue cycle is performed by experts in the unique attributes of maximizing revenue for anesthesia services.  Integration with hospital goals and operating room leadership to drive quality and growth initiatives are potential benefits of a well-integrated employment model.  However, if you do go down the path to employment, always keep in mind that there are many operational and financial considerations unique to anesthesia and that these initiatives are best undertaken with the support of specialty specific expertise.

Take a look at our process for transitioning to hospital-employed anesthesia services.

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Response provided by: Robert Stiefel, MD