Group & Provider Services

Staffing & Productivity Management

Provider coverage models

EHC will evaluate the current financial support that the hospital provides to the anesthesia group and make recommendations for the levels of support and financial structure that may be appropriate for contracting with these services. Coverage requirements will be reviewed, and staffing model adjustments (if any) suggested in order to achieve optimal results and maximize financial returns. Alternative staffing options and technology platforms will be recommended along with their impact on the overall expense related to anesthesia coverage.

Staff turnover and skill mix

EHC will meet with your surgeons, OR nursing and anesthesia group leadership to determine what specific skill sets are present in the group now and what additional expertise might be needed. We have done engagements where local groups have needed a physician with leadership or Operating Room management skills, or groups have needed additional cardiac or pediatric trained specialists. For example, in many of our recent engagements, we have found the need for anesthesiologists with advanced skills in regional anesthesia to perform ultrasound guided post op pain blocks as part of ERAS protocol.

Productivity management and Performance reporting

EHC will seek to understand present dashboards and standards in place at your facility and work jointly with anesthesia leadership to develop meaningful quality and performance metrics for related services utilizing measurable criteria, based on nationally recognized benchmarks, and tie results to fulfillment of financial support. Measurements are designed to support alignment with facility goals and to track efficiency on an ongoing basis.