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Anesthesia Group Strategic Analysis to Support Growth and Profitability

Maximizing Anesthesia Group Value:

What is your group worth and how can that value be improved? Guide your anesthesia group in exploring opportunities with all strategic or private equity buyers. EHC partners have been on both the buy and sell side of these engagements, and have been part of the team of advisors on numerous acquisitions by both private equity and strategic buyers. We will work with your anesthesia group to evaluate your market value, optimize that value, and if interested, expose your group to a large number of potential acquirers in order to maximize returns for each partner.

Respond to Anesthesia Request For Proposals (RFP):

RFPs are increasingly used by facilities to value their anesthesia services and to identify possible alternatives. Anesthesia Request for Proposals may represent a requirement for your group to protect existing coverage agreements or to expand to new locations.  EHC can assist you in creating a professional response to Anesthesia Request for Proposals, positioning yourself to retain an existing contract or to evaluate and respond to an RFP for a new business opportunity in a neighboring or distant hospital or Ambulatory Surgery Center.

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Anesthesia Service Line Expansion:

Sometimes, your business can be improved, patient satisfaction enhanced and partner returns optimized by expanding the scope of services provided within existing facilities.  EHC will work with your anesthesia group to identify potential opportunities to expand within existing facilities in a wide variety of service lines including Non Operating Room Anesthesia (NORA), acute pain services, chronic pain services or implementation of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols.

Anesthesia Group Governance:

Having extensive experience with rapidly growing groups, EHC can assist you in building an anesthesia group governance and decision making infrastructure which will allow you to adapt and remain responsive to market needs and to support continued growth.

Anesthesia Group Growth Opportunities:

Anesthesia groups often become aware of opportunities for expansion into local hospitals or ambulatory surgical centers. EHC can provide expert analysis to determine the potential impact of the opportunity on short-term cash flow and long-term profitability.  Evaluation of risks and potential rewards in conjunction with your strategic objectives will be considered together to help you with a “go/no-go” decision to pursue the opportunity.