Radiology Consulting

Hospitals and health systems are finding new opportunities to increase radiology service offerings, improving throughput, and enhancing patient care. At the same time, with increasing case complexity and the need for expensive teleradiology and PACS systems, the Radiology service line may be an area requiring significant direct and indirect financial support. EHC offers unique, Radiologist-driven expertise to improve your operations and assist in creating new radiology services.

An Alternating 2 Column Section

Operational Assessment

  • Review existing and/or planned inpatient radiology services 
  • Determine the physician and support staffing requirements for general and interventional radiology
  • Explore the resource requirements and financial implications of planned expansion of Imaging Services
  • Prioritize inpatient radiology improvement opportunities
  • Develop detailed process improvement initiatives
  • Review and determine viability and profitability of onsite versus teleradiology (including nighthawk) services

Financial Assessment

  • Financial review of existing inpatient and ED radiologist services
  • Pro-forma development of planned imaging services
  • Identify opportunities to better align staffing with facility requirements
  • Recommendations for efficiency improvements and cost savings as applicable
  • Implementation of program improvements
  • Acquisition of new resources to provide inpatient and ED radiology services  
  • Consideration of potential hospital employment
  • Develop and manage Request for Proposal (RFP) process for inpatient physician services
  • Assess financial need for additional tele-radiology and PACS systems

Expert assistance in acquiring new resources to provide inpatient and Emergency Department radiology services

  • Determine community physician availability
  • Consider the potential for employment to meet facility requirements
  • Develop Request for Proposals (RFPs) for radiologists’ inpatient physician services
  • Explore vendor options for radiologists’ inpatient services
  • Assess vendor responses to RFPs
  • Advise facilities in selecting the best Radiology Service solution for specific requirements