Group & Provider Services

Financial Analysis for Anesthesia Groups

Analyze Subsidies:

EHC will work with your financial team to develop the analysis to support, re-negotiate or increase your hospital subsidy and if necessary, participate directly in hospital negotiations.

Growth and Profitability:

We have extensive experience working with groups of all sizes to support growth and profitability. As a strategic advisor, EHC can help evaluate growth opportunities or potential merger options. Our strategic analysis services are designed to have a positive impact on profitability for existing partners.

Develop Payor Contracting Strategies:

Our team will support your internal resources to evaluate current contractual arrangements, identify local and regional norms and assist with development of comprehensive strategy for payor negotiations. The strategy will delineate target rates, the rationale supporting those targets and will take into consideration attributes of your group which may support more favorable rates.

Billing & Collecting:

In today’s environment of complex reimbursement, revenue cycle assessment and oversight by an outside entity is a good business practice. EHC can provide this function for groups of all sizes. Whether you bill internally or outsource, we will determine if you are adequately billing and collecting for the anesthesia services and related services you perform. We can evaluate your current Revenue Cycle Management performance, offer options for improvement, or if indicated, initiate the process to choose a new RCM vendor.

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