Group & Provider Services

Operational Issues

There are a number of operational issues which represent opportunities for Anesthesia practices to improve their business.  Some relate to clinical care, some to efficiency, and some to financial performance.  EHC, bringing a wealth of national experience, can work with your group to customize the best options for you to meet the specific needs of your practice.

Optimal Technology Utilization

Enhance Healthcare will evaluate technology platforms now used at your facility and make suggestions on how to improve data capture to help create standardized reporting. EHC will introduce your leadership to a number of leading anesthesia integrated technology platforms designed to drive efficiency, performance and value-added reporting across the organization. Specific tools can be utilized in Pre-Admission Testing, Surgeon and Patient Satisfaction Surveys, Quality tracking and Anesthesia provider scheduling. These platforms have helped many hospitals improve CDI and CMI, reduce case cancellations and delays, minimize preadmission testing costs and help with implementation of Enhanced Recovery Pathways and the Perioperative Surgical Home.

Evaluation of Anesthesia Staffing

Enhance healthcare will use our own proprietary data base of over 100 hospitals, and experience as clinical anesthesiologists and practice managers to provide recommendations for a staffing model best suited to your practice. Items to be considered will be type of surgery, patient acuity, geographic dispersion of sites, surgeon and OR nursing satisfaction and anesthesia call burden. Expert support of staffing requirements is often an important consideration in subsidy negotiations.

Growth Opportunities

Anesthesia groups often become aware of opportunities for expansion into local hospitals or surgical centers. EHC can provide expert analysis to determine the potential impact of the opportunity on short-term cash flow and long-term profitability.  Evaluation of risks and potential rewards in conjunction with your strategic objectives will be considered together to help you with a “go/no-go” decision to pursue the opportunity.

Policies and Procedures Review

Anesthesia policies and procedures will be reviewed and revised to be consistent with the American Society of Anesthesiologists standards, and local requirements and expectations. Clinical, operational, quality, behavioral, and compliance are typical policies to review. Input from OR leaders and anesthesia providers is also an integral part of this process.  Documenting expected processes and protocols is an expectation of client facilities and in many cases is a requirement for regulatory agencies.