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Management Services (MSO) for Hospitals

Anesthesia services are vital to procedural growth and profitability for US hospitals. The cost and availability of anesthesia providers, however, has become an escalating challenge.

As a leading advisor to hospitals nationwide, Enhance Healthcare offers a wealth of strategic and operational expertise to support anesthesia service optimization. Building on this expertise, Enhance Healthcare offers an innovative approach to the management of anesthesia services, giving facilities better alignment with anesthesia providers and control of the operating room.

National trends have spawned a consolidation of anesthesia practices. The development of regional and national outsourcing companies creates a threat to hospitals from the perspective of both cost and availability. As these groups grow and are merged or recapitalized, their need for increasing EBITDA to justify escalating multiples may lead large vendors to seek additional payments from their client hospitals.

Hospitals find themselves in a challenging position as they seek an aligned anesthesia service solution. Large vendors have rate leverage but high relative overhead and profit margin requirements, thus increasing anesthesia coverage expenses. Conversely, small groups often struggle to obtain competitive rates from payers and therefore tend to have lower revenue per case. Either situation, lower revenue or higher expenses can ultimately pass through to the hospital as a higher request for subsidy support.

Enhance Healthcare Anesthesia has created a more “hospital-friendly” solution for anesthesia coverage, offering a true partnership by merging the service and coverage expectations of the hospital with Enhance’s extensive management experience. This Management Services Organization (MSO) approach offers a unique model which will be aligned with your success, designed to support your growth strategies and help control financial subsidies.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Ongoing focus on subsidy minimization
  • Payer contract strategy development and negotiation
  • Anesthesia revenue cycle optimization
  • Operating Room Efficiency expertise (pre-op, intra-op and post-op)
  • Development of anesthesia performance metrics
  • Incorporation of value added technology into peri-operative processes
  • Expansion of anesthesia services to meet your requirements
  • Anesthesia group focus on procedural growth
  • Transparent financials and alignment and shared decision making with the hospital
  • Creation of aligned anesthesia group and hospital incentives