In-Patient Pediatric Services

A prevailing trend among hospitals and health Systems is to expand their children’s services in order to both increase their inpatient volume as well as to expand their service offerings to the communities in which they serve.

EHC can help these organizations improve existing operations or to assist in the creation of new pediatric physician services within hospital facilities. These may include pediatricians, pediatric hospitalists, pediatric emergency physicians and pediatric intensivists. A financial and operational assessment of inpatient pediatric physician services, including pediatric Emergency Department (“ED”) and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (“PICU”) physicians, can turn a struggling program around and/or ensure the success of a new program. Our team of administrative and clinical personnel offer the following:

Strategic Planning

  • Determine community needs for new or additional in-patient pediatric physician services
  • Assess community and facility needs for new or additional pediatric ED and PICU physician services
  • Assess the quality and availability of existing children’s services in the targeted service area

Operational Assessment

  • Review existing and\or planned inpatient pediatric services and determine the related physician staffing requirements for ED, general pediatric units and PICU’s
  • Prioritize in-patient pediatric improvement opportunities and determine pediatric physician staffing requirements
  • Development of detailed process improvement initiatives
  • Assist in the establishment of a Pediatric Emergency Department
  • Assist in community outreach with marketing strategies and EMS (Emergency Medical Services) awareness to increase volume and revenue
  • Develop Pay-for-performance programs to attain desired outcomes and enhance physician satisfaction

Financial Assessment

  • Financial review of existing in-patient services
  • Pro-forma development of planned Children’s Services specific to physician services
  • Implementation of program improvements

Expert assistance in acquiring new resources to provide inpatient pediatric physician services

  • Determine community physician availability
  • Explore vendor options for pediatric inpatient services
  • Develop Request For Proposals (“RFP’s”) for pediatric inpatient physician services
  • Assess vendor responses to RFP’s
  • Guide facilities in selecting existing or new services for pediatric inpatient physician services.