HBP Vendor Management

At Enhance Healthcare Consulting, we believe that there are unprecedented opportunities to improve the performance and profitability of all hospital-based physician services across the continuum of care.

EHC’s team of seasoned physicians, nursing and healthcare executives will help your hospital identify and execute on those opportunities. We have worked with hospital employed, local single specialty groups and national multi-specialty vendors to align incentives and implement customized strategic solutions in both community hospitals and across one of the largest health systems in the nation..

Our multi-service line solutions include:

  • Assessment of current HBP providers/vendor
  • Performance improvement recommendations
  • Department re-design to create innovative staffing models to fit specific facility needs and budget
  • Data products that continually monitor vendor performance
  • Create and implement multi-specialty RFP process
  • Subsidy evaluation and reduction
  • Identify opportunities for reduction in subsidy through consolidating multiple service lines with a single vendor