Anesthesia Staffing Model

Putting it all on the table!
May 25, 2021

Putting it on all the table!

The Anesthesia Staffing Model is the third installment of the “Putting it all on the table” series. Take a look at our first two installments: Fair Market Value Compensation and Staffed Anesthetizing Locations.

While OR and NORA coverage requirements are typically under the purview of the hospital, it is up to the anesthesia provider group to determine how the locations will be staffed. Whether the group functions as an anesthesiologist-only model, Anesthesia Care Team, or a CRNA-only model, several factors must be taken into consideration when designing a staffing matrix. These include call obligations, comfort level of the surgical staff, and the complexity and subspecialty mix of cases.

Many decision-makers assume the use of CRNAs, or AAs will dramatically decrease the required anesthesia support. The reality of incorporating CRNA/AAs into the staffing model are far more nuanced and subsidy levels can range depending on factors such as medical direction, call requirements, shift lengths and total hours worked. An expert review of the proposed staffing matrix is recommended in any subsidized arrangement to assess the impact of adding each type of provider and the specific details of required coverage.