Anesthesia 101: Stakeholder Needs

By: Robert Stiefel, M.D. The impact anesthesiologists have on a hospital – whether positive or negative – is broad.  Their work affects everything from outcomes and the level of patient satisfaction to scheduling and the facility’s bottom line.  That’s why anesthesia services must be considered from the viewpoint of multiple stakeholders – hospital administration, surgeons, Click Here

Anesthesia 101: Subspecialty Needs

By: Howard Greenfield, M.D. Critical care. OB. Pain. Cardiovascular. Pediatric. Anesthesia sub-specialties have evolved to address an often complex and challenging subset of patients. Each come with their own set of needs – whether it be staffing, amount of experience or resources – and can have varying degrees of profitability. Here are a few things Click Here

Anesthesia 101: Coverage Models

By: Robert Stiefel, M.D. On average, the OR generates 70 percent of a hospital’s total revenue. As reimbursements shrink, healthcare leaders are looking for every advantage to optimize this profit center. This is the first of a multi-part blog series designed to shed some light on how anesthesia departments work and their role in the Click Here