In an era of reimbursement cuts, many healthcare organizations are relying on the OR to help improve their bottom lines. An effective anesthesia department is now more important than ever.

EHC’s Anesthesia Improvement solutions deliver unbiased evaluations and recommendations to help healthcare organizations optimize efficiency and improve overall perioperative performance. Our teams, led by board-certified anesthesiologists along with healthcare and OR nursing executives, work collaboratively with hospital administration, physicians and nursing leadership to improve communication, surgeon satisfaction and patient throughput.

Our comprehensive anesthesia consulting services include:

Anesthesia Department Assessment

  • Review the current anesthesia staffing model
  • Review current anesthesia contracts and service standards
  • Review anesthesia staffing plan
  • Review anesthesia clinical processes
  • Compare current anesthesia practices to EHC’s Metrics and Key Performance Indicators
  • Quality/safety/efficiency evaluations and initiatives

Service Level Agreement and Anesthesia Contract Negotiations

  • Outline anesthesia service levels
  • Facilitate discussions between the hospital and the anesthesia practice
  • Define level of support/stipend required to fulfill service standards
  • Stipend evaluation and reduction planning
  • Development of contractual performance metrics
  • Develop Request For Proposals (“RFP’s”) for anesthesia services as requested
  • Assess vendor responses to RFP’s
  • Guide facilities in selecting existing or new services for anesthesia services
  • Assist facility with contract negotiations with new service provider

Medical Director Mentorship

  • Anesthesia Leadership Development Program
  • OR Medical Director Development including performance expectations with quantifiable targets

Billing and Revenue Cycle

  • Review of compliance
  • Review of optimal charge capture
  • Review of coding practices
  • Analysis of Billing Lag Time, A/R Aging, and strategies to increase cash flow and receivables
  • Analysis of payments received compared to current contract rates
  • Quantification of potential opportunity, if any

Aligning Hospital/Provider Incentives

  • Contractually
  • Process integration
  • Quality incentives
  • Efficiency incentives

Support of Hospital Employed Anesthesia Programs
ACO Readiness